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Welcome to Eolo, the Wind Assessment Solution!


Energie Etiche has developed Eolo, the Wind Assessment Solution. Eolo can predict with the highest precision the energy producibility of mini wind power plants in just 3 months. The analysis will indicate which turbine, among a wide range of the best existing developers, is best suited to the site, evaluating the cost and revenues of the whole investment.


Five benefits, one solution

  1. Highest forecasting precision
    Remember! You need to collect the data on Your site to be safe about the forecasts.
  2. Results in less than one month
    Don't wait one year to get the results!
  3. To everyone
    Cheap and user friendly
  4. Everything You need
    Technical analisys, financial forecasts and turbines suggested for Yout site
  5. Right what You need
    A solution to every need. Save on what it’s not necessary!

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